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Specific Departments and Individuals

PHONE: 909-623-9301 or Toll Free 800-843-7190

Marketing and Business Relations Department:   Areg Boyamyan   x161
Director of Technical Operations: Dr Reza Massoumi   x115
Finance Department:  Taleen Vartanian   x159
Payroll Department:   Ara Vartanian   x157
Director of IT Dean Smith   x560
Client Services Department:   Cynthia Villa   x114
Revenue Management: Lala Vartanian   x160
Quality Control/Quality Assurance Department: Bernadette Ancheta-Javier   x170
Logistics Department:  Brian Ibarra   x147
Accounting Department:       Michelle Lewis   x144
Human Resources Department:    Esther Boyamyan   x145
Chemistry & Hematology Departments:     Emmanuel Banjarjan   x170
Molecular Department:  Dr Frieda Jordan   x116
Microbiology Department:         Anthony Salgado   x133
Infectious,Coagulation,Blood Banking Departments:  Ludi Villamin   x112
Cytology Department:       Rima Dalati   x142
Purchasing and Supplies Department:    Dr Zareh Baghoomian   x158
Medical Director:  M.Y. Nasir MD  
Medical CO-Director:   Allen Jay MD  


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